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Texas Holdem Bonus Poker

Texas Holdem Bonus Poker

The goal of Texas Holdem Bonus Poker is to create a winning 5 card hand out of 7 available cards that can beat the dealer’s 5 card hand. First you're dealt 2 face up cards face-up.Decide to bet or fold by clicking the respective buttons. After each round of betting new cards will be revealed until 7 cards are shown. The stages are the flop , the turn and the river.

Before playing the game

Starting the game, you have to ante up or place a bet.. This is the first bet amount .The table has a minimum ante, or bet, of $5 and a maximum ante of $250.

After placing the ante, you can also place a side bet using the bonus at the right of the ante button . If you choose the bonus bet, you are betting your initial hand being of a high rank .The bonus bet payout amounts are shown by clicking on the Rules tab in the middle left of the screen.You will lose the bet if you don't have a high ranking card but the game goes on regularly.

Playing the rounds of Texas Holdem poker

The flop phase is the first phase choose to fold or check to continue to the turn. The turn you may also choose to check or bet to continue to the river.At the river the cards are exposed and the best hand wins according to card rank.To check is not to raise the amount on the table but remain in the game.Each phase of play requires either betting so a $100 bet per round is $400 won if you win every round.

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