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When to Quit Playing Video Poker

The age-old argument of when one should leave a game of chance has been debated by gaming strategists for centuries. There are many opinions on the subject, depending on how much you like to gamble and how much you’ve either won or lost. Should one leave just after a big hit or should they wait until their scheduled playing time is up? One would ideally want to walk away when one gets up a few dollars, but when that happens in the first couple of minutes of play it’s not exactly fun to stop playing just after you started.

There are some situations where you should stop playing the game, but most of them should depend on the limits you’ve set for yourself. If you’ve set a limit that you’re willing to lose, and you lose that amount, you should walk away from the game. You’ve set a number for a reason and you should stick to it and not change because you’re pumped up from playing the game.

The same goes for an amount of winnings that you may have decided on prior to playing. If you said you’ll quit playing if you double your buy-in, you should do so. Many players like to take their buy-in amount out of any winnings they may have won and then just play with the remaining profit to try and hit a big hand for a big payout.

Some reasons that you shouldn’t leave the game would include thinking that the machine won’t pay out for a while because you got a big hit recently. Video poker is random and could pay out big numbers for prolonged periods, especially if one plays perfect strategy and if that’s the way the random numbers line up during play. There’s no reason to leave the game unless you need to do something else with your time.

Try your luck on the video poker games. They’re some of the best odds in any casino, online or live. Take the time to learn basic video poker strategy so the house edge is as low as possible against you.

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